Landscape Services

Construction Services

We consider our landscape construction to be the cornerstone of our business. We pride ourselves in blending in our beuatiful stone walls, patios, and walkways into your natural landscape.


Patios offer a great way to extend your living space while enhancing your home’s charm. There is an extensive variety of options available to you, allowing you to customize materials (brick, stone, pavers, etc), patterns, shapes, borders, colors, and steps. Depending on the terrain that surrounds your house, we can suggest the best appropriate options to design a long lasting, visually appealing space. Soon you may find that your patio is your favorite recreational place to entertain your friends and your family.

Retaining walls

Retaining walls not only play a vital functional role but also an important environmental role, providing soil erosion control, as well as, improved water retention. Retaining walls also offer a way to bring definition to outdoor spaces, such as embankments, driveways, and garden/planting areas. Construction and materials for retaining walls also come in a variety of options; however, the final design and construction should take into consideration the property’s ground makeup and elevation to ensure the wall’s structural safety and endurance.

Stone walls

Stone walls provide a clean, decorative landscape border between your lawn and other exterior areas. In addition to drawing distinction between your lawn and your driveway, walkway, or garden areas, stone walls also provide vertical reinforcement and stability. When designed with complimentary plantings, stone walls can be the centerpiece of a complete landscape design. We are open to discuss your ideas and welcome the opportunity to increasing the value and attractiveness of your home.


A new walkway can provide a pleasant pathway to your home, welcoming your guests, friends, and family. Whether constructed of brick, stone, slab, or other material, walkways provide an aesthetic transition and boundary from driveways, decks, lawn areas, or other structures. We can help you establish a safe and welcoming walkway that will invite all to your door.

Design Services

Your landscape project starts here with a well thought out site plan and design. Our landscape design and architect have the proven experience in education to make your landscape dreams a reality.

Landscape Architect Certified Plans

A landscape architect is responsible for transforming your landscape ideas into a formal plan and specifications, including sketches and drawings, which are tailored to your unique environment. All of our certified landscape architect plans are provided by Greg Drake of GDP Designs.

Landscape Design

Landscape design creates a functional, aesthetic plan to your outdoor needs by integrating the science and the art of landscaping. Through careful analysis, planning, design, and implementation, we can provide professional landscape or hardscape design solutions for both your residential or commercial exteriors needs.

To Start Your Landscape Design Process:
  • Contact us by sending an e-mail to C.W.Landscape & Design
  • Schedule an appointment for us to come out
  • Have a no cost/no obligation consultation the first time we meet

Maintenance Services

All year maintenance needs can be accomplished with our experienced, polite, and thorough maintenance crews. To maintain your landscape investment, we offer a variety of landscaping services, including aerating, dethatching, edging, fertilizing, lawn care, mulching, pruning, and more.


Aerating is the process of creating holes in your lawn to increase the introduction of water, oxygen, nutrients, and fertilizers into compacted soil, helping in the growth of the roots of your grass. Compaction can occur if you have a lot of clay in your soil or in high foot traffic areas. It is an essential part for maintaining the health of your lawn. It is also a great time to overseed.


Dethatching is the process of removing dead organic matter from your lawn. Thatch is a layer of grass clippings, surface roots, and debris that settle on the ground and accumulate over time. Thatch acts as an insulator, keeping soil temperatures low and helping to retain moisture which can stunt the growth of your grass. Dethatching allows moisture, sunlight, and fertilizers to better reach the soil and improves the growth of your lawn. It is a vital process in ensuring the success of a green and healthy lawn.


Landscape edging provides an aesthetically pleasing border between your garden, walks, driveway, shrubs, etc. and your lawn by defining a crisp and clean edge. Edging also acts a protective barrier to these areas from routine lawn maintenance. Since there are many different options to edging (natural, plastic, stone, pavers, etc.), we can assist you in choosing the right solution to fit your needs.

Fertilizer Program

Few soils contain enough nutrients to supply adequate "food" for your lawn. Fertilization is essential in order to maintain and improve a dense, high quality, healthy green lawn. Lawn care programs are usually a series of 6 steps, including an early spring soil sample, which we can customize to meet your lawns needs.


Mulching is a great, simple way to bring a clean look to your landscape while improving the water retention and nutrients in your soil to allow your plants, shrubs, and trees to thrive. We can provide you with an assortment of options for you mulching needs which can almost instantly improve the look and curb appeal of your house.


The goal of ground planting is to provide a simple, balanced approach to blending your house or business to your surrounding landscape. Often evergreens, that retain their color throughout the year, are paired with deciduous plants that offer a variety of color, flowering bloom, berries, and foliage throughout the year. We can provide you with a combination of well located plants, shrubs, and trees that offer a well defined, colorful exterior look throughout the year.

We also provide transplantation services. Due to the relative health of the plant, bush, or tree that needs to be relocated and the various soils types that may be present, the ultimate success of the transplantation will fall on the due diligence of the property owner. Because of the variable nature of transplantation and the lack of a controlled environment, we unfortunately can not guarantee the success of transplanted plants, bushes, or trees.


Pruning is the process of controlling the shape and size of your shrubs and trees. It also helps in cleaning dead, damaged, weak, or infested branches allowing stronger branches to flourish and become more disease resistant. Since shrubs and trees are expensive to replace, we can help you keep them attractive and healthy. As our focus is on landscape design, we attend to ornamental trees and shrubs and do not handle large trees.

Spring/Fall Cleanups

As the cold and dark days of winter give way to the increased daylight and moderate temperatures of spring, it is important to prepare and clean your yard of fallen branches, excess leaves, and other debris that has littered your landscape and gardens. Allow us to come in and repair the damage that a winter beating of snow and rain can produce.

Likewise, in the fall, it is critical to the health of your lawn to remove fallen or dead leaves and other debris that can suffocate your lawn and gardens. We will come in and blow out your leaves, rake up the waste, and clean out your gardens.